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With the approval of Prof. VITTORIO SGARBI member H.C. of the Academic Senate

* INTRODUCTION: The forty-second competition of painting, drawing, sculpture, graphics, architecture and photography is announced annually. The prize is registered on 8/07/1978 at No. 1/234602 Reg. P.G; according to the Law 22/4/41 N ° 633, in the Bulletin of the Artistic and Scientific Literary Property of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The competition is governed by the following rules:
Art. 1 Participation in the competition is open to everyone.
Art. 2 The works must be unpublished. Competitors must send three photographs of different works. Photographs or DVD must be sent to the A.I.A.M. in Via Giulio Sacchetti, 10 00167 Rome by registered mail or e-mail “” or hand-delivered toge-ther with the application form, with indication of essential data on the back (measure, technique, title of the work, name and surname of the author).
Art. 3 The Commission of Experts of the Academy will take care of the selection of the works. For each competitor only one work will be admitted. The artists, to whom the ammission will be communicated to the com-petition, will have to send the selected work to the A.I.A.M. and pay the contribution of € 200.00 (one hundred and eighty). The list of the finalist artists will be inserted at the expense and expense of the direction of the competition in the periodical “Il Notiziario dell’A.I.A.M.” and on the site “”.
Art. 4 Works of:
A) – PAINTING, (oil, pastel, tempera, water-color, acrylic and mixed tech-nique);
B) – GRAPHICS, (engraving, screen printing);
C) – DRAWING, (pencil, charcoal, sanguine);
D) – DECORATION, (panel, fresco, mosaic, tapestry);
E) – SCULPTURE, (wood, metal, stone, clay and other materials) with works of sculpture, fusion, carving, embossing, chisel and ceramics, etc. . The sculptures must have at least one side not less than 50 cm, and the weight does not exceed 10 kg under penalty of exclusion;
F) – ARCHITECTURE, (decoration, urban planning, interior architecture, scenography, etc.). For large complex works, photographic reductions on panels, or plastic models on a reduced scale, accompanied by all the technical data may be exhibited.
G) – ARTISTIC INSTALLATION, for large works participation through photographic reproduction.
H) – PHOTOGRAPHY, in black and white or color. The original work must have dimensions not less than cm. 50 and not more than cm. 80. A 10% tolerance is allowed.
Art. 5 The works admitted to the competition participate in the international “Medusa Au-rea” trophy. The Trophy, an original bronze work by the sculptor Nunzio Bibbò, reproduces the Gorgone of the Athena Farnese and will be awarded to the first classified of the aforementioned categories, where the jury reaches unanimity. The golden medal will be attributed to the artist classified in 1st place. The winner of the competition will be allowed to participate in the De Benedetta contest in Spain, his work will be published in the AIAM NewsletterThe silver medal will be attributed to the artists who will finish in 2nd place with a maximum of four prizes ex aequo. The bronze medal will be awarded to the Artists classified in 3rd place, with a maximum of four prizes ex aequo. Exceptionally, the fourth and fifth places will be awarded ex aequo in an unspe-cified number. The winners will be published on the Notiziario of the AIAM. To all the admitted Artists the diploma will be awarded to the final selection of attestation of Merit. The prizes awarded to participants in the competition not picked up at the event venue will be sent by registered mail, subject to an advance payment of € 30.00 for postal charges and secretary rights; delegations for collection are accepted.
Art. 6 The section of deserving and deserving young people is established. The winner can participate for free in the 42nd edition and will enjoy the publication of the operates on the “AIAM Telematic Newsletter”.
Art.7 The competition has the following deadlines: Submission of the application form and photographs or DVDs of the works, by 30 March 2020. for the selection.The contribu-tion, which will be paid only in case of passing the pre-selection, sending the work admitted to the final and the request for optional publication as per footnote must be received by 10 April 2019.
Art.8 The final ceremony of the event will take place in Rome, at the Aula Magna Val-dese University in Rome, Via Pietro Cossa 40, contextual to the proclamation of the winners on Sunday 24 May 2020 at 10.30 o’clock. The artists admitted to the final selection will be promptly notified by letter or by e-mail and published on the website “www.aiam”. The management reserves the right to make changes to the terms set out above.
Art. 9 Once the event is over the works must be collected. Art. 10 The signing of the application form entails the knowledge of these regulations and their full acceptance.


Note The finalists who wish to publish the work admitted to the selection of the “Medusa Aurea” Trophy in the periodical – “The Notiziario dell ‘AIAM” must make the payment of the amount indicated below by and no later than 2 May 2020 by postal order made out to: AIAM Via Giulio Sacchetti No. 10 B / 16- 00167 -Rome or also by deposit on c.c.p. No. 11521002 -A.I.A.M. Rome .and send a photocopy of the receipt by 02/05/2020. The cost of publication is € 100.00 for color reproduction. Regardless of the awarding of the Jury, the presidency of the AI.A.M. reserves the right to award some of the following prizes:
1) A page in the magazine “Il Notiziario dell’A.I.A.M.”.
2) A page in the magazine “Notiziario dell’A.I.A.M. telematic
3) Registration for the I.A.M. honoris causa.
4) Plaque to the artistic merit of the A.I.A.M.
5) Cups, plaques, medals of public bodies.
6) Insertion of a work with critical note in the AIAM telematic gallery for six months. All participants will be sent a free subscription to 4 issues of the newsletter of the A.I.A.M. The application form must be sent to: A.I.A.M. Via Giulio Sacchetti 10 B / 16 -00167 Rome (Aurelio) Tel. 0039 06-6373303 or 0039 3806373303. The works must be delivered to the A.I.A.M. c/o Mail Box Via dei Mille 40. Only in case of payment on the postal current account or bank transfer is required to send a copy of the receipt.